• Internet of Things
    Committed to the R&D and manufacturing of Internet of things products and the provision of a complete set of solutions.
  • Intelligent Control
    Committed to providing solutions in the field of intelligent home appliance control.
  • Intelligent Device
    Provide specialized KVM solutions for video and key mouse signals of servers, serial devices and other devices in various types of computer rooms.
Internet of Things
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Device
Committed to the R & D and manufacturing of Internet of things products and the provision of a complete set of solutions, the products are widely used in intelligent transportation, intelligent construction site, material management, financial management, books and archives, production and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, anti-counterfeiting traceability, tracking and positioning and other fields.
The controller products rely on strong research and development and design ability and rich design experience in electrical controller, meet the performance requirements of national safety regulations, EMC and etc. and Zhejiang manufacturing standards.
KVM technology has developed into enterprise IT infrastructure management system. Through the appropriate configuration of keyboard, mouse and display, the centralized management of the system and network is realized, the manageability of the system is improved, and the working efficiency of system administrator is improved. Provides true BIOS level access and supports multi platform servers and serial devices.
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